Thai massage

thai massage hong kong A common image that pops up when talking about massage is a little Thai woman walking over the back of a client. Thai massage does involve techniques for deep tissue massage, but is way more that walking on a person’s back. It is very important for the client to be able to move freely and stretch all the limbs and muscles. Some yoga-like movements are part of the routine. Comfortable clothing during a Thai massage is quite important to achieve the best results.

The techniques used in Thai massage are based on the theory that the body is filled with air, “lom”, which travels through the body via numerous paths called “sen”. Following the air and its several ways to travel through the body the masseuse will use certain pressure points to treat obstacles within the body. Also quite a few stretch exercises that are similar to yoga are used to treat the body and help healing several health issues. By following the clients breathing these stretching exercises can feel quite like yoga which has proved its health benefits. Thai massage is a great way to relax both mentally and physically, can help treat health issues and sore muscles, and is a massage experience unlike any other.