Massage techniques

There are numerous massage techniques that all have their special ways to treat certain health issues and muscle aches. Basically all techniques have the same goal: treating any issues the client is dealing with. Some techniques focus on relaxation, others on muscle aches or on restoring the bodily energy. There are quite some differences between Asian and Western traditions, but the main goal is more or less the same. Most massage techniques work from the idea that bodily relaxation will be beneficial for the mental health and vice versa.

A few techniques that are rather common are for example kneading, stroking and acupressure massage. Kneading is one of the more effective techniques to use during a massage. By rolling over the tense muscles the tension will get kneaded away. Also ‘pinching’ muscles softly with your fingers can help relax tense areas of the body. Kneading is a much used technique that can help treat several bodily issues. For example shoulder issues can be treated by kneading the problem areas. A lot of people are dealing with tense muscles in the shoulders because they are using their muscles too long in a certain way or are not sitting right at their desks. By picking up the muscle in the shoulder that is causing issues and rolling it down and repeating this treatment a few times the tension and muscle ache can be treated quite easily. When stress and tension are building up in the shoulders it is a good idea to place the client in a chair, that way the shoulders are relaxed and will benefit the most from the massage.

Stroking is used in almost every massage technique or tradition. To start a massage it is very important the client feels safe, comfortable and relaxed. To not ‘scare’ the muscles or your client it is wise to start your massage with long and soft strokes. That way the body and mind can get used to your touch, temperature and can get relaxed. These strokes are not only to give the client a nice and comfortable feeling. Body and mind can influence each other, especially when stress and tiredness is involved. By creating a relaxed and comfortable environment the mind can relax and the body has the time to release tension from the muscles so you can spot the actual bodily issues. Muscle aches related to stress and tiredness can usually be treated rather easily, but actual muscle aches need a much more professional approach.

A technique that is being used more and more is acupressure or pressure massage. Based on the ancient techniques from acupuncture and acupressure the pressure related massages seem to be getting more and more popular. By applying pressure on certain points these massages will treat the parts of the body associated with those pressure points. This way not only muscles and tiredness can get treated, but also internal issues can be picked up upon. For example Asian massage traditions work with the idea the body has a certain energy that should flow through the body freely. With several massage techniques any blockages of this energy flow are treated which makes the client feel better. Also techniques from acupuncture and acupressure are used to treat stomach aches and liver issues for example. This idea of giving a massage based on pressure points to treat both mental and physical issues can help treat lots of issues and usually has a much bigger effect than ‘just’ relaxation. Depending on your personal needs and wishes an acupressure kind of massage can be very beneficial for both your physical and mental health.

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