Four hands massage

A four hand massage is a massage experience unlike any other routine. Several techniques are combined to give the client the most relaxing treatment possible. Two masseuses will give the treatment using different massage styles. The massage therapists are trained to work simultaneously so the client has the feeling he is being rubbed and kneaded by one person with four hands. This service is not offered in every massage parlor, this distinct technique requires exercise, skills and professionalism which is offered here.

The most common four hand massage is when the two therapists mirror the kneading to give an overall feeling of relaxation. The Swedish style of long strokes and rubs is being used to give a relaxing feeling and heal small body aches. Also combining techniques like Swedish with pressure points, deep tissue massage or reflexology can create a specific routine based on the clients’ wishes.

The extremely relaxing feel of the treatment is one of the best reasons why clients enjoy a four hand massage. I can take a moment to get accustom to the routine since this particular massage feels rather different than any other massage style. I can help relief health issues faster since two masseuses are working on sore areas at the same time and clients feel relaxed quicker. Requesting to work on certain areas of the body or apply special massage techniques can help create a massage treatment based on the clients’ wishes for the body and mind.