Foot massage

A foot massage can be one of the best treats after a hard day of work, a long walk through the city or a hike in the mountains. A foot massage done by a professional masseuse gives even more benefits than the relaxing feeling of sore muscles in the feet. A professional masseuse experienced in giving foot massages knows the muscles and the nerve zones in the feet. Foot reflexology is an important part of foot massage. By kneading the muscles on the right spot on the sole of the feet it does not only relax the feet but also helps the energy in the body flow freely and makes the body feel relaxed.

A foot massage can help treat sore feet and relax the body in times of stress, but it can also help relieve blockage in the body. Based on the theory of foot reflexology foot massage can restore the natural flow of bodily energy and therefore help the body feel better. A foot massage can’t cure diseases or injuries, but it can help ease pain and tiredness. A foot massage performed by a professional masseuse can provide a relaxing and energetic feeling in the whole body with touching more than the feet.