Couple massage

Couple massage is a very popular service to relax together with a friend or partner. Two different masseuses will treat the couple at the same time. This can be husband and wife, mother and daughter, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend or any other couple that would like to experience a massage together. The massage will take place in a separate area which is prepared for just the couple massage; during the massage you will not be disturbed. This gives the couple the freedom to experience the massage just the way they like it. Before the massage starts it is important to decide with the partner for this massage if you both want to relax and wander of, or you prefer to talk and catch up.

During the massage several massage techniques can be used to relax the body and mind. This kind of massage focuses on treating the most part of the body in a tender way. Muscles and the skin will be stroked and kneaded in order to make sure the couple finds peace and rest. The comfortable feeling a massage can give reaches a new level when experienced with a loved one. Especially when one of the two is about to experience their first professional massage a couple massage can help them feel more at ease and make sure the massage will be the relaxing experience as expected.